We are Ron and Ann Sam with a small farm in Lewis, Colorado. We sell eggs, goats, rabbits, ducks, and baby chicks locally. We also sell handcrafted products that we can ship anywhere in the USA. Our products include handmade and machine embroidered tote bags, kitchen/bath items and wall hangings, sketches of the Southwest by Ron Sam, handcrafted goat milk soap, organic glycerin soap, lotion bars and shampoo bars. Look at the gallery to see what is available. Check back often for new products.

Don't see exactly what you want, contact us at info@sam2ndchancefarmhandcraftedproducts.com to determine if we can custom make what you want.


I draw and paint the area in which we live. I am also the primary caregiver of many animals! It was Ann's idea to get the animals and then she found quilting and embroidery. I have found that I truly enjoy my time with the animals. We have a pet goat who thinks he is a dog, he is growing up with our livestock guard puppies. 


Hi, Ron is correct it was all my idea that grew to a grander idea aka more animals. I do the gardening and occasionally help deliver baby goats. I found my passion in machine embroidery, I will be making my own designs and selling them. Most of which can only be purchased here. We both love the Southwest even though we are both from the South. 

Ron Sam
Ann Sam

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